Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Teachers Contract is under control.

Yes, as of July 1st of this year, our district's teachers will be entering the third year working without a new contract, but everything is running smoothly. When I go home at 4:30 pm, I marvel at the number of teachers who are still busily working well after the end of their official day. And have you ever noticed the piles of stuff they take home to work on? There have effectively been no consequences to the school district resulting from the BOE and the administrators' refusal to negotiate in good faith. Not even wearing black on Monday or denim on Friday has changed anything. I'll be triumphant in the long run, and this community loves me. After all, I am the BOSS.


Anonymous said...

I know I've been in the High School at 4 or 5 in the afternoon and have seen a lot of teachers still there. I though the teaching day ended for them around 3:30. I respect their dedication to continue to do all of the extra stuff that isn't in their contract. Kudos to the teachers. The entire Administration should be fired for taking such advantage of their position. The teachers are not able to strike or perform any type of job action that you would normally have in most industries. Their hands are completely tied and the Administration takes advantage of them. BOO to the Board of Education.

Anonymous said...

Well I'm one of those teachers who is in school until 5:30 almost every night. How would you like to give 2 hours of your day to your employer every day. Next year it's going to be "out-a-here" on time every day. If I don't get enough planning time or free time to make up tests and correct papers, tough. My family is more important that this stupid school district.