Tuesday, May 27, 2008

2007-2008 come to a close.

Well, It looks like we at Midlakes are going to have a successful year without too much turmoil. The retro pay has been successfully paid out. We managed to do it as slowly as possible so that we could continue receiving as much interest as possible for the bank. Every dollar counts. This year we will have some changes in our administration staff at the Middle School and well as a bunch of teachers asking for relocations. These changes should be accomplished without a lot of publicity. I've heard that there is a general discuss for our discipline policy in the lower grades. What's to dislike? We don't have a policy and I expect we'll never have one as long as I'm in-charge. If we had a policy we would need to increase our staffing to support that policy. That won't happen. Deal with it teachers. You can handle it. Just because you have a couple of trouble makers in your class that detract from your ability to teach the rest of your class is no big deal. It's only Elementary (and Intermediate) my dear teachers.