Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Teachers Contract is under control.

Yes, as of July 1st of this year, our district's teachers will be entering the third year working without a new contract, but everything is running smoothly. When I go home at 4:30 pm, I marvel at the number of teachers who are still busily working well after the end of their official day. And have you ever noticed the piles of stuff they take home to work on? There have effectively been no consequences to the school district resulting from the BOE and the administrators' refusal to negotiate in good faith. Not even wearing black on Monday or denim on Friday has changed anything. I'll be triumphant in the long run, and this community loves me. After all, I am the BOSS.

Superintendent annual income.

Yes, it is a matter of public record that I have been given a raise the generally exceeds the annual starting salary of most teachers. Isn't it great that the present school board realizes the value of my Masters degree?

"Class Actions" are a NO NO!

If any one wants to get involved in a "class action" I will be more than happy to meet with you privately to discuss your options. Get my drift?

Art teacher is over whelmed.

How did I wind up with only one art teacher for the entire primary and secondary schools? That's easy to explain. You see, I needed to cut a position in the past and the art area is not mandated so it was a logical target. Unfortunately the person who was expected to retire is still hanging in there no matter how many students she has in her work load. To keep the other teacher in hot standby for the art position I moved her to the new position of "Dean of Students" until the art position opens up for her. Clever move?

How we reduced the school budget?

Take the windfall from the State and apply it directly to decreasing the budget. Next year we may have to make up the difference but we won't worry about that now.