Tuesday, May 15, 2007

How we reduced the school budget?

Take the windfall from the State and apply it directly to decreasing the budget. Next year we may have to make up the difference but we won't worry about that now.


Anonymous said...

I just found this site. COOL. I know the budget passed in the Phelps school district but it would seem to me that a slightly larger tax increase would have been more logical. After all, everyone knows that inflation for 2006 was around 3-4 percent. Perhaps we could have expanded some of your field trips, reduced programs, and teacher placements. I'm certain that next years budget is going to be a disaster. I think that the Superintendent was supporting this low tax levy just so he and the board could pat themselves on their back for a job "well done". I save my congratulations until next years proposal

Anonymous said...

I see from the NYS data web site https://www.nystart.gov/publicweb/ that we spend more money per student than most other districts in Wayne or Ontario counties and have some of the lower results. Maybe it time for some new blood in this District. And maybe some that's not as expensive as what we presently have.

Nicole said...

Try taking a pay cut and giving it to the teacher who do all the work.