Tuesday, May 15, 2007

"Class Actions" are a NO NO!

If any one wants to get involved in a "class action" I will be more than happy to meet with you privately to discuss your options. Get my drift?


Anonymous said...

What is parents what to take some action. My child is in the Primary School and is suppose to have an hour of reading during her "reading" class. Not true as there are several different reading levels within that class, she only gets about 15 minutes of dedicated time. How can the School Board approve this type of system. It's really shot circuiting our childrens early education which is most important.

Carol D said...

I know what you mean. Why is there such a mix of kids in these classes? It seems that every class has really high to really low level students. Wouldn't it be better and more effecient to have all of the students in a class, about the same level? After all, any teacher will tell you that you can only teach to the level of your lowest student. That means that our higher level students are being dumded down.

James G. said...

You just like to think you're in control. What Superintendent have you ever heard of who reads a story aloud to the teaching staff on "Superintendents Day".